About Project

During my university years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had already started an interest in the camera. In time, both the lessons I took and my own interest made me move on this issue. I started making short films and editing, but of course in an amateur way.

After a long time I returned to Turkey, after my meeting with Ardem I decided to start again with my music video side. I started with my editing work for Ardem’s song “Istanbul” during the pandemic process, both as director and editing in Anıl Demirel’s single work “Korkma Aşktan”.

In December 2020, I edited and took part in Ardem’s new single project “Beyaz Bulut”. It will be available on all digital platforms on January 13th. After meeting Ardem, owner of Nada Music Production, I also made my first single named “Beni Bul” in 2020. You can watch the clips and my showreel -what I’ve done in 2020- by clicking on the cover photos.

Post Production