About Project

During my studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I started to get interested in the camera. In time, both the lessons I took and my own interest made me take a step. I started making short films and editing.

After I moved back in Turkey, I met with music producer Ardem, I started with my video editing work for Ardem’s song “Istanbul” during the pandemic process, both as director and editing in Anıl Demirel’s single work “Korkma Aşktan”.

In December 2020, I edited and took part in Ardem’s new single project “Beyaz Bulut”. After meeting Ardem, I made my first single named “Beni Bul” in 2020. My second single has been published in April, 2021.

By the beginning of 2021, I got involved to the project of TRT World in Balkan area which was called TRT Balkan (digital news media platform where people may reach news on website, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube on different Balkan local languages). I started working in the project from 2021 April till 2022 October as graphics artist (graphic-design, motion graphics and video edit). Videos that I’ve done for TRT are below.

You can watch the all videos by clicking on the cover photos.

Post Production