Hello, I’m Ömer Faruk Bozkurt

Graphic-Designer | Motion Graphic Designer | Photographer | Post Productor | Calligraphy Artist

I was born in Ankara, Turkey in 19th of April, 1995 and moved to istanbul in 1998. I was interested with art and music since my childhood. I was trying to draw graffiti letters and shapes and these trials lead me to art side dominantly.

I’ve met with Graffiti and Calligraphy in 2009. They made me even more into art day by day. 

My interest lays with; UI/UX design, branding design, advertising, typography, photography and videography. I’m highly well-organized, punctual, good communicator and planner. I have always positive and constructor attitude and I’m able to follow a systematic approach, always flexible and easily adaptive, keen to learn and implement new knowledge. 

I was also into music and I was trying to imitate songs that I’ve heard, most of the time. I noticed my music talent on the second grade of secondary school and actually my process has started in this way. 

When the time arrived to 2013, I started my art education in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was expanding my interest on art day by day. I started studying Visual Arts and Communication Design. I still give artworks on calligraphy, graffiti and graphic-design area.

I started dedicating myself to photography in 2018. Streets with people, buildings and landscapes always astonished me on photography. I do portrait photography as well.

In 2015, I met one of Bosnian local music group, called ‘The Last Location’. I have sung with them as Turkish vocal for a few concerts. 

I returned to Istanbul in March 2019.  I started working as a graphic designer in Archior Digital Agency.  Later, I worked as a graphic designer and interface designer in an Istanbul based international software development firm named Boni Global. Later on I started giving works as freelancer.

I made my first single named “Beni Bul” in 2020.  My second single “Masal” which was released on April 19, 2021.  I am also active in video directing and editing for music videos.

In September 2020, with the impact of the pandemic process, we took an initiative with two of my friends and developed a mobile application where second-hand products can be bought and sold easily.  It has been a pleasure and a source of pride for me to undertake the design of such a comprehensive and enjoyable project from A to Z. 

By the beginning of 2021, I got involved to the project of TRT World in Balkan area which was called TRT Balkan (digital news media platform where people may reach news on website, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube on different Balkan local languages). I started working in the project from 2021 April till 2022 October as graphics artist (graphic-design, motion graphics and video edit). Now I do freelance works again. Stay tuned for more. ✌️

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