About Project

This poster campaign was my final graduation project from the faculty. In this project I created educational/warning posters for street/bus station billboards and big billboards, but posters which could be used in a schools as well. Persuasion is the key thing on social campaigns. Visuals are something that can stay in human being’s mind and we can support this with slogans which collide with each other so this project will be on this path.

When it comes to target group; it was one of the most important point for me in this project to deliver the key message to the target group so I researched on all age groups on drug usage and I noticed that actually drug related deaths are taking an important place among youngsters that’s why I needed to determine such an age group that is suitable to prevent drug abuse. This research about age groups showed that is actually in early ages. According to some statistics, I found out that even aged 12 kids tried drugs once in their life. So I determined the target group as teenagers (12-19). I got the chance to have interviews with people from my company and the result was actually that they want to know more about it. So it was colliding with my aim and people needed to be warned and educated. If people could be warned, then education would come. It was the aim of this project. By clicking on the photos you can see the images in color and as a photo gallery.

Nope Dope Drug Addiction Prevention Poster Campaign